How Razzo Helped A Weekly Comedy Show Sell Out...Every Time.


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Introducing the world to performers like Steve Carrell, John Candy and Tina Fey, Chicago is a town steeped in comic history. With so much talent coming through the city, its comedy clubs are nearly as famous.

When three of the city’s up and coming comedians joined forces to launch The Spitfire Comedy Show their vision was to establish a night of laughter, with a dash of hot sauce.

Held monthly, Spitfire’s events showcased six of Chicago’s most exciting and freshest comic talent.

The show’s producers recognized the value of expert marketing support. In March 2019, the trio began planning their launch campaign, with the assistance of Razzo Marketing Group.

Founded two years earlier, Razzo’s expertise runs the gamut: from market research to reputation management.

A Close Collaboration


Through early discussions with the show’s producers, Joanna and the team at Razzo identified two areas of support: awareness building and sales promotion.

“Conversations like these are crucial from the start,” explains Joanna. “They allow me to find out more about our clients and the challenges standing in their way.

“As well as building awareness around Spitfire Comedy in the Chicagoland area, the producers wanted to drive ticket sales.”


In-Depth Understanding


To formulate a winning strategy, Razzo Marketing Group began by doing a deep, data-driven drive into the industry, as well as Spitfire’s closest competitors.

For example, attracting a fan base is key to making the show a success in a comedy-rich city like Chicago…and it’s about much more than simply making people laugh, as Joanna explains. 


“Fans are created not by laughs, but by creating a comedy experience which is different and more memorable than the rest. This differentiation is so important. Without it, comedians and show promoters can quickly be forgotten by audiences… in person and on social media.”

Reflecting Ideal Customer Needs


While knowing the industry and Spitfire’s place within it is important, it’s equally important to identify the ideal customer.

“Through target audience research and analysis, we identified the ideal customer. By understanding this target, as well as their needs, we ensured that Spitfire’s branding reflects this.”

A Well-Developed Strategy


Using the key data and insights into your performance, industry, competition, and target consumer, the Razzo team created an actionable marketing strategy that turns research into results.

The marketing strategy connects Spitfire with local partners (including venues), broadcast networks and magazine publishers.

“Nurturing connections can be tough without a roadmap to follow,” stresses Joanna. “Setting this out means producers have an easy guide to the process. It also means no stone is left unturned.”

Razzo Marketing’s custom-built strategy for the Spitfire Comedy Show focuses on two aspects of promotion: digital and social media marketing.

“The competition for comedy attention online is fierce and the fight for their money and loyalty is intense,” explains Joanna. “For the producers, it doesn’t matter how funny their show is if the marketing doesn’t resonate with their target audience, wherever they may be in the digital world.”

Razzo Marketing also advised the comedy producers on aspects like social media and digital advertising.

“Achieving ticket sales requires sophisticated use of marketing tactics like these. They drive brand awareness,” she continues.


A website developed by Razzo, www.spitfirecomedyshow.com, now serves as the destination for stakeholders and fans alike.

The promotional tool advertises talent – current and previous – on a rotating basis. Alongside this, it provides visitor information and promotes ticket sales, too.


Impressive Results


Andrew Nadeau is a producer and founding member of Spitfire Comedy. Called the “Funniest Person on Twitter 2018” by the Chicago Tribune, Andrew’s work has been featured by Huffington Post, Funny or Die and College Humor.


Working with Razzo Marketing on the show’s launch has been a positive one. He recalls: “The ease of access and quick response was fantastic.”


Following his experience working with Joanna and her team, Andrew would happily refer Razzo to a colleague.


Andrew explains: “Razzo provided a comprehensive, digital marketing package. For every question, they provided bountiful insights into SEO, competitor research and much more.


“Following our new brand launch, the show quickly gained momentum and successfully partnered with a high-profile venue, iO.”


Spitfire Comedy enjoyed several sold-out audiences within the first 2 months of working together.


And, to discover what Razzo Marketing can do for your next launch or promotion, get in touch today.