How Razzo Helped A Foreign Fitness Brand Penetrate the Chicago Market


Brand Positioning | Digital Strategy | Brand Activation


Sigma Fit USA, the Chicago branch of the Cairo-based activewear company Sigma Fit, launched in the US in January 2018. Originally founded by three former petroleum engineers in 2017, the company came to the US in the hopes of providing the local Chicago market with affordable, high-quality sportswear that helps regulate body temperature and and repels stains, odors, and sweat.

When they contacted Razzo, they were having a real challenge building their audience and communicating how their technologically advanced sportswear could help athletes solve the everyday problems they face. They were also struggling with online sales and building profitable partnerships with gyms, clothing stores, and athletic events. They knew they had to do things differently.

Because Razzo’s Chief Marketing Strategist, Joanna Pelletier, was already familiar with the market, she did five important things that built online and offline sales AND elevated the company’s profile in the local activewear space:

  • Establish Sigma Fit as a local Chicago brand by incorporating Chicago landmarks into its social media and website photography 

  • Build affinity and emotional connection with the American audience by crafting and telling an online story that resonated with fitness-minded clientele

  • Expose the company’s founders to opportunities for building strong relationships with potential gym, sports team, and retail partners

  • Develop online awareness, web traffic, and social media attraction opportunities by connecting the brand with fitness influencers, tech bloggers, and guest blog opportunities 

  • Perform live demonstrations of Sigma Fit’s liquid-repelling and temperature regulating technologies at local fitness events

  • Prove the superiority and quality of Sigma Fit’s odor-repelling and temperature regulating products by recording authentic, live video reactions and testimonials and posting them to Facebook and Instagram stories

As a result of these actions, Sigma Fit was able to grow its Instagram following by 1000% in a period of 3 months, sell out of their entire collection at their first live event, maintain consistent online and offline sales, and sell their products in gyms around Chicago.