• Joanna Pelletier

How the iOS 14.4 Update Affects Your Facebook Advertising

Apple and Facebook: two juggernauts of our modern world. It’s hard to even imagine a time without the ding of a Facebook notification on our iPhone. The two are intertwined in our lives, and our livelihoods. ApplePay and similar apps are vital for many businesses to operate. Advertising on Facebook - an $84.2 billion market for them - is essential in reaching a wider audience. Even so, Facebook’s and Apple’s relationship got a hiccup with the newest iOS 14.4 update.

The update includes changes that will greatly affect your advertising campaigns. Going on Apple’s official overview of the update provides little hint at this momentous impact. Thus, we will give you the information you might not otherwise find. We’ll go over what is in the iOS update that will affect your advertising, and what you should do to ensure you can keep your business going as usual.

The iOS 14.4 Update

As mentioned above, the newest update seems relatively harmless. In fact, if you have an iPhone, it sounds quite pleasant. The update fixes some bugs, such as keyboard issues, and improved performance in some areas, like the camera recognizing smaller QR codes. The 14.4 update includes new features as well. For example, you can stack widgets (like your alarm clock or weather apps) or even create custom icons for your apps. The new features is also where the problem comes in.

The feature is small, but huge in impact. All apps within the App Store now bring up a prompt asking users if they want to allow the app to collect and share data. Unless the user accepts, all apps will, by default, not track data from the user. This might sound nice for privacy reasons. But, when you realize that Facebook campaigns need such information for ad personalization and optimization, you can see the problem.

How to Adapt to the Update

Facebook is already changing some features to adapt to the iOS 14.4 update. This includes replacing the 28-day attribution model for a 7-day one, a 72-hour conversion report delay, and pixel events per account dropping from 100 to 8. Basically, this all means you will have a shorter time frame of data about specific things you are tracking, longer times to find out that information, and fewer specific things you can track at a time.

One thing to note as this does not mean Facebook advertising is kaput. It simply means you will just have to adjust to different data, and have more targeted goals. Determine which areas your business needs to focus on, like audience group or subscriptions, and trim off the fat. There are other recommendations from Facebook Business Manager to lessen the impact, such as registering your website domain so ads can still be personalized for iOS 14 users.

In sum, the relationship between Apple and Facebook will remain intact. This might be a little speed bump, but it's one we’ll all get through. You are armed with the facts, so make the necessary adjustments to your Facebook campaign. Facebook advertising is still an incredibly powerful tool to make your business thrive. Just make sure to “Yes” to that iPhone prompt.

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