• Joanna Pelletier

4 Ways to Leverage Online Reviews to Improve Trust in Your Brand

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Technology empowers the consumer to be more vocal about their experiences with a brand. In this consumer-driven economy it’s imperative that brands stay on top of what people have to say about them.

Online reviews can do things for (or to) your brand depending on how you manage that relationship. Here are a few ways you can manage the quality and quantity of your online reviews.

Monitor Industry-Specific Review Sites

Google, Yelp and Amazon are three major sites you need to keep a close eye on when it comes to monitoring what customers have to say about your brand. However, it is also important to keep an eye on industry specific sites. For instance, if you are a credit card provider, it is important that you monitor sites like or to see what’s being said about your product. Additionally, it is important that you build relationships with reviewers on these sites and potentially adapt your product offerings to see how you could be included on their “best credit card” roundups every year.

Manage your presence on blogs and forums

Sites like Reddit and Quora don’t jump to mind when thinking of places that customers would go for product reviews. However, there are multiple active communities where people talk about their experiences with a brand - for better or for worse. If you are able to engage with consumer questions or complaints on these forums, it can lead to the formation of an organic relationship with your customers. Being a public forum also makes it a good branding opportunity where others can see the quality of your responses and the attention you give to your customers’ concerns, making you seem more trustworthy.

Engage with Positive Reviews and Work to Turn Around Negative Ones

If a consumer leaves a positive review, it is usually enough to reply with a quick “We’re glad you enjoyed your experience with us.” However, with negative reviews, there must be a strategy in place to turn that negative review into a positive or neutral review. While it is not always possible to make amends with a customer for a perceived poor experience it’s better to attempt reconciliation than avoid responding entirely. And if you are able to change their mind about their experience, that’s just a great cherry on top!

DO NOT Buy Fake Reviews or Write Them Yourself

While Google isn’t the best at detecting or penalizing fake reviews, other sites do have more stringent systems in place. In many cases, leaving fake reviews violates most review sites terms and conditions which can get you suspended, can lead to a ranking demotion and at worst can get you kicked off the site entirely. Also if anyone has ever read fake reviews, we know that they are incredibly easy to spot and consumer trust is central to any positive client relationships. Many of your customers will spot fake reviews easily and you don’t want to be thought of as the brand that had to pay their way to get good reviews. Just don’t do it, okay?

These are just a few ways you can ensure that your consumers get the information they need about your brand while managing positive messaging around your brand.

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