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Marketing is a journey.

Make sure you have the right people by your side.

Joanna Pelletier

Principal & Chief Marketing Strategist

Chicagoland born and bred, Joanna is a kind, generous, and happy soul with an enthusiasm for marketing, music, astrononmy, the great outdoors, deadpan humor and Medieval European History.

For 10 years, Joanna did time at large companies like United Airlines, Office Max, Baird & Warner, and Discovery Communications as well as smaller start-up organizations in the B2B software, sports apparel, legal, and education verticals. Never afraid of a new challenge or market vertical, Joanna has done everything from blogging to managing digital marketing programs & experiences to launching entire marketing departments.


Joanna's hobbies include distance cycling, half marathons, cooking, reading, and petting dogs. She holds two Liberal Arts degrees from Illinois State University and only uses one of them.

Scott Brady

Lead Copywriter

A lifelong Chicagoan, Scott grew up on the Southside of Chicago, then headed north to attend DePaul University, where he majored in English Literature and Playwrighting. Always passionate for prose, he has spent the better part of a decade writing all sorts of things, for all sorts of industries. Whether it’s a play or SEO, he understands that no piece of writing is lesser-than: after all, stop signs have affected more people’s lives than any Shakespearian sonnet. 


Scott loves art, entertainment, and animals: he’s been known to bring up Star Wars or adoptable greyhounds in daily conversation. A vegetarian for more than half his life, he passively annoys his family, and, perhaps, the population at large—which is understandable. Currently, he lives on Chicago’s Southside with his wife (who agreed to be pescatarian), greyhound, and many mint-condition Star Wars action figures. 

Chubbyhugs Cheeseburger Hernandez, Esq.

Resident Roundboi, Cuddler in Chief